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Dance Jodi Dance
Saturday & Sunday @ 08:30 pm

<p>This is a one of a kind dance reality show where 12 popular celebrities paired with dancers handpicked through auditions, butt heads in their quest to be best performers. Popular actress Sneha and dancer/actress Sudha Chandran act as judges for the show.&nbsp;</p>

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Who is watching?Males and Females (20 - 30 years)
Rekkai Katti Parakkudhu Manasu
Monday to Friday @ 09:30 pm

<p>Tamil's younger brother's name is Shakthi. Shakthi is a brat and a wastrel. To show-off his richness, he throws parties to make sure he gets all the attention. He wants to become a politician like his father. Shakthi is married to Nandita. She is from a very rich political family and naturally she is very egoistic and a headstrong person. Nandita wants complete control over the family. To make it happen she devices cunning plans to ensure that Tamil does not get married. If Tamil gets married, being the elder son in the family, his wife would naturally be the first lady of the family. How Tamil falls in love with Anjali and the rivalry between Anjali and Nandita forms the rest of the story.?</p>

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Who is watching?Females, Housewives, Senior Citizens
Monday to Friday @ 09:00 pm

<p><i>Sembaruthi </i>is the story of a poor girl who gets married to a hero from a rich egoistic family background. Her father is working as driver to Akilandeshwari, a headstrong and egoistic rich woman. After the death of her grandmother in the village, Sembaruthi comes to live in the city with her father. Akilandeshwari's elder son Sanjeev falls in love with Sembaruthi after seeing her extraordinary kindness. The story is about the struggle of the heroine living with an egoistic family while keeping her love towards her husband.?&nbsp;</p>

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Who is watching?Females, Housewives, Senior Citizens
Yaaradi Nee Mohini
Monday- Friday @ 08:30 pm

Mutharasan, hero of the story is grandson of a great landlord. As he lost his mother, his father marries another woman by the name Neelambari. Mutharasan has high regards for his step mother Neelambari and her words are important to him and he relies completely on her. She takes advantage of this and plans to take away the property of Mutharasan and give it to her four children. In the meantime Mutharasan?s first wife (who was killed by Neelambari), Chithra?s spirit rises up and plays a vital role in spoiling the efforts taken by Neelambari and team to spoil the life of Mutharasan.?&nbsp;

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Who is watching?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngjZu0STi-U